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Hi, I’m Emily, a self-professed sustainability nerd.

In my first year at UBC I became a sustainability ambassador when I realized that I could make a difference by making better sustainable choices in my own life and help others to do the same. Which is not so hard when you think about it. I mean, if you just ask yourself, what can I begin now? Like, what can I do in this moment, when I’m throwing away my coffee cup or shopping or doing my laundry?

I like to think every sustainable action we take is like a ripple–and that our ripples can collectively make a huge difference in the world. I watch it happen every day on my campus. Why not come out and see what I’m talking about? Because all those ripples? They make a wave. A ginormous wave!

Every action has an effect. Every choice makes a ripple. Together, we can make a wave of difference that creates a better world.

Let’s change the world.

— Emily

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